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At we consider an integrated digital strategy is fundamental to define new segmentation, targeting and positioning for your online value propositions. Our objective is to simplify marketing and inspire you to deliver the most engaging and memorable campaigns that will help you build your brand and business.

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Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Frank M. Waechter. I’m a passionate and motivated content marketer specialising in marketing strategies and community building.

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Authentic Communication In Times Of Crisis

2020 is being a year of disruption and uncertainty, and the impact seems to grow bigger as we transition from a public health crisis to an economic crisis. For brands and the business owners behind them, the key concern is how to...

Five Ways To Boost Your Lateral Thinking Skills

CEO's, marketers, business owners today, they all face problems that don’t seem to have a solution. Looking at the state of the world, it’s clear that there’s never been a better time to develop creative problem-solving skills.  Lateral thinking is a useful skill to...

A Guide To Bulletproofing Your Marketing Strategy During A Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a great deal of uncertainty. Only a few organisations were prepared with a marketing strategy during a crisis. If you are in charge of a business or an organisation, the uncertainty takes on a new dimension, and you will most likely...

How To Design An Omnichannel Marketing Planning

Change is a constant in life – and therefore in business too. The digital marketing world changes especially fast, and every year something new and big promises a steady stream of customers or of event attendees. But if you want to meet KPIs and see consistent...

Event Marketing Trends For 2020

The past few years have been incredibly fruitful for the events industry, which is projected to grow even further between now and 2026.  As the industry grows, so does the need for event organisers to develop and maintain a competitive edge that sets their event apart...

Generate Pre-Event Hype With Content Marketing

As most event planners know, the ability to build momentum is a crucial factor in any event’s success. Events, conventions, trade shows or conferences, they all begin well before the opening session, so generating anticipation requires a coordinated marketing effort...

Nine Ninja Tips To Stand Out At Conferences And Business Events

Stand Out At Conferences And Business Events. Despite the growing popularity of virtual and online events, for many professionals, face-to-face networking remains one of the main reasons to attend a conference, if not the most important one, followed by learning....

Getting Started With The Digitalization Of Associations

This article about the digitalization of associations was first published on Boardroom, provided by IAPCO, author Frank M. Waechter, Founder and CEO of | Digital Marketing. According to the World Economic Forum, digitalization is one of the key...

How To Get Started With Influencer Marketing In The Meetings And Events Industry

Although influencer marketing is not new, the past few years have brought about such explosive growth that it now has its niche within the marketing industry. The most recent statistics suggest it will continue to grow and to reach a market value of $6.5 billion by...

Digital Transformation in the Meetings and Events Industry

I wrote a piece in 2017 about the foundations of the digital transformation in the events industry. At that time, the mice industry was trailing behind and had a lot of work to do. Two years on, and technology has advanced rapidly. So, does the events industry stand...

One Year Of GDPR And The Outlook For Your Organisation

One Year Of GDPR And The Outlook For Your Organisation GDPR for your organisation. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. A year later, it seems clear that data protection and privacy rights are taking centre stage on a...

Why Millennials Aren’t Joining Your Association

Marketing for associations can be tricky especially when your target audience is made up of Millennials. Are you struggling to attract millennials to your association? You’re not alone. With millennials coming of age, and now comprising a third of the world’s...

Does Your Conference Need Social Media?

Social media for conferences is absolutely essential. In the digital age, there is no question about it. As we have touched on before, this is where your target audience lives. According to Eventbrite, close to 25% of traffic to event registration pages comes from...

Marketing for Associations: 4 Reasons to Use Google Analytics

You may be wondering what the purpose of Google Analytics is. Well, when it comes to marketing for associations, it is a highly effective tool for collecting and tracking important data connected to your website. When interpreted, this data is an indication of who is...

Tips For Encouraging User-Generated Content At Your Conference

As the age of technology progresses expeditiously, embracing it, and integrating it into every facet of our daily lives becomes more and more essential. As a result, social media for conferences is now fundamental to their success. Furthermore, encouraging...
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