21. June 2018
Social Media For Science And Research_ Current Trends And Future Possibilities

Social Media For Science And Research: Current Trends And Future Possibilities

It’s no secret that social networks are among the most widely adopted technologies of our times. Almost 40 per cent of the world’s population now uses social […]
18. January 2018
Social Media Event Communication Plan

A Quick Guide To Integrating Social Media Into Your Event Communication Plan

A Quick Guide To Integrating Social Media Into Your Event’s Communication Plan. Compelling and engaging communication is an essential aspect of conference marketing, as it plays a […]
12. November 2017
Content Performance Marketing

Content Performance Marketing: Making the Right Choices at the Right Times

Marketing is apparently not what it used to be. Online retailers are now vying for the attention of an increasingly demanding public; mainly about what can […]
11. October 2017
Employees Brand Ambassadors

Employees As Brand Ambassadors: Advantages And Best Practices

Employees brand ambassadors. Marketing and advertising are at the heart of business success. Traditionally, companies relied on celebrity branding and conventional marketing strategies, but despite their […]
19. July 2017
Social media marketing productivity

Social Media Marketing Productivity in 2017: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

The role of a social media marketer is now more in demand than ever before. Managing a social media platform takes a unique alchemy of skill, […]
9. June 2017
digital transformation event industry

4 Concepts To Understand Digital Transformation in the Event Industry

As most meeting planners and event organisers know, technological disruption has brought profound changes to the MICE industry. Today, meetings, conferences, and exhibitions are increasingly being […]
12. April 2017
Social Media Strategies Conferences

Developing Social Media Strategies for Conferences & Events

When we talk about social media strategies for conferences and events, we have to take a look at communication. Communication in the twenty-first century has changed […]
23. March 2017
Social Media in the Hospitality Industry

The Pivotal Role of Social Media in the Hospitality Industry

Social Media in the Hospitality Industry. It can be argued that the hospitality industry is entirely unique in the fact that success or failure will often depend […]
17. February 2017
networking technology for events and conferences

Networking Technology and Events: An Overview of the Key Trends

Networking Technology for conferences and events is changing at speed of light. Over the past decade, we have witnessed how the transformational power of technology has revolutionised […]
29. January 2017
Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business

Nearly every business owner is aware of the important role that social media marketing, like facebook for business, can play towards boosting a particular marketing campaign. […]
3. January 2017
Health Awareness Days 2017

Health Awareness Days: Keeping the World Informed to Make a Change

Health awareness days are global events created to recognise the impact of these conditions and to raise greater public understanding. There is no doubt that the […]
6. December 2016
Content Marketing for Associations, inbound marketing for organisations

Content Marketing for Associations: How to Grow Membership in the Digital Space

Content Marketing for Associations. Associations are increasingly looking to the online world to bolster their membership numbers: the lower overheads, and the increased reach of association messaging […]
18. October 2016
content marketing

Formulating an effective approach to Content Marketing

An effective approach to content marketing. Many consumers are unmoved by traditional methods of advertising; they watch streaming TV to avoid ads or record TV programmes […]
10. June 2016
advanced data analytics

Advanced Data Analytics: One of our Data-Sets is Missing!

How advanced data analytics are changing the way we use business intelligence  There is a false maxim, which still does the rounds, that blights any industry […]
8. May 2016
social media marketing for the mice industry

Social Media Marketing for the MICE Industry

There is no denying that social media marketing  is here to stay, and this includes the MICE industry. Social media is influencing the way people read […]
29. April 2016
Video Marketing

Lights, Camera, Action! The Why and How of Video Marketing

Tips for Video Marketing / Effectiveness of Video Marketing From the first moving pictures through to MTV and the YouTube generation, video has become the most […]
11. April 2016
Inspiration Hub Session at IMEX 2016

My Inspiration Hub Session at IMEX 2016

I am absolutely looking forward to my Inspiration Hub Session at next week’s IMEX 2016 (click here for the session website): Social Media Marketing in the MICE […]
16. March 2016
Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing for your Business or Organisation

Internet searches on mobile devices overtook desktop searches already years ago. (Updated content, Jan. 2017) According to research done by Smart Insights 90% of time spent by […]
15. February 2016
Social Media Networks

Social Media Networks Basics: Consistency

Social Media Networks, what’s important? Social Media has changed thе wау markets work. Thе nееd fоr companies and organisations tо bе оn social media networks іѕ […]