8. May 2016
social media marketing for the mice industry

Social Media Marketing for the MICE Industry

There is no denying that social media marketing  is here to stay, and this includes the MICE industry. Social media is influencing the way people read […]
29. April 2016
Video Marketing

Lights, Camera, Action! The Why and How of Video Marketing

Tips for Video Marketing / Effectiveness of Video Marketing From the first moving pictures through to MTV and the YouTube generation, video has become the most […]
11. April 2016
Inspiration Hub Session at IMEX 2016

My Inspiration Hub Session at IMEX 2016

I am absolutely looking forward to my Inspiration Hub Session at next week’s IMEX 2016 (click here for the session website): Social Media Marketing in the MICE […]
16. March 2016
Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing for your Business or Organisation

Internet searches on mobile devices overtook desktop searches already years ago. (Updated content, Jan. 2017) According to research done by Smart Insights 90% of time spent by […]
15. February 2016
Social Media Networks

Social Media Networks Basics: Consistency

Social Media Networks, what’s important? Social Media has changed thе wау markets work. Thе nееd fоr companies and organisations tо bе оn social media networks іѕ […]