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Welcome to my site. My name is Frank M. Waechter.
I am a problem-solver for event and conference organisers, business owners, organisation directors, planners and everybody struggling to deal with digital solutions, content marketing, social media strategies and data analytics.
While working in the MICE industry for 20 years and especially when running my own destination management company in Spain, I went into content marketing, social media and digital marketing. And I loved it. Like in live events and live communication before, digital marketing deals with brands, with organisations, with members, with people, with messages, with building trust, with stories, with experiences and engagement. This led me to nowadays run a digital marketing consultancy combining my experience.
I cater clients from multiple sectors in the M.I.C.E. industry. It is my goal to drive my clients business forward. I support them to grow by gaining trust from their attendees and customers, clients or members by using content (inbound) marketing methods, combined with video and social media marketing and backed by professional data analytics. Not to forget tailormade live event or conference engagement activities.
When I am not working I am usually with my family and friends. And my dog. I love to cook, swim in the sea, hike and bike in nature and travel whenever I can. I love art, exhibitions, books and I also adore good music.
I am always open to learn new skills and meet new people. Please feel free to say hello and share your story with me!

The Approach

Digital Marketing Strategies

Before we start

The first thing we do is a strong data-driven analysis of your situation where we find out: Where are you now? What digital marketing efforts have you done? How does your website perform? What are your competitors doing? We provide you with an real-time data report.
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Tell Your Story

We create a strategy paper for you, your digital marketing plan. We help you identify your story and create engaging content. We help you develop your strategy to be a thought-leader in your sector.
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Spread The Word

Now it is time to reach out to your customers, clients or members by spreading your content. The channels we use have been determined beforehand and adopted to your strategy. Publishing is done via your Blog, on guest Blogs, Social Media Accounts, Newsletters, White Papers, ePapers, your personal Mobile App or other digital channel.


We help you measure your efforts! Our understanding of digital marketing is strongly data driven so you will be able to analyse your efforts step by step. By this you will be able to find your top efforts and to improve where necessary to convert your visitors to members, costumers or clients.
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In modern marketing, to engage your clients with your brand is the ultimate goal. You do not just want to sell, you want people to love you because you bring them more than just a product. You communicate, you offer value and thus create the most valuable brand advocates. By understanding the importance of engaged costumers, members or clients you truly have arrived in the age of inbound marketing.


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