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Nearly every business owner is aware of the important role that social media marketing, like facebook for business, can play towards boosting a particular marketing campaign. Sites like Facebook increase client engagement rates, promote specific products and keep fans up to date with the latest advertising campaigns. However, static content alone is no longer enough. Unless firms understand how to leverage the real power of this massive portal, their efforts could fall upon deaf ears. How can you develop a balanced digital marketing approach to this concept and what other tools do Facebook digital marketing platforms have to offer? Feel free to use the suggestions below as a short checklist when forming your social media campaign.

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Facebook for Business: Understanding the Power of Live Feeds

Consider the advantages of the webinar. Concepts such as real-time communications, in-depth product presentations and visitor feedback will often come to mind. Now, imagine a platform which requires no additional hardware and can nonetheless reach out to your chosen demographic. These are the main takeaway points of Facebook Live from a business perspective. No other equipment is required, there are no subscription fees, and broadcasts can be transmitted for up to 90 minutes with no interruptions. Whether you choose to publicise a live news feed from within a trade seminar or the conference room of your home office, connecting with your audience has never been easier.

The Power of Visual Content

The average online consumer is now more discerning than ever before in the types of products and services that people follow on a social media page. So, static text alone is no longer enough to generate a significant following. If you want to improve your Facebook for business, images, infographics and video clips should become integral parts of any Facebook digital marketing campaign. This approach will lend a visual appeal to your brand while simultaneously providing the viewer with more in-depth information.

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Peak Viewing Times Regarding Facebook for Business

The evolution of the smartphone enables users to access Facebook at any time of the day. However, there are still peak hours regarding inbound traffic. According to a study by Mashable, the most extended viewing hours on weekdays are at eight o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the afternoon and eight o’clock in the evening. Thus, it is a good idea to release any posts just before these increments. Considering viewing times will help to make certain that you are tapping into the largest audience base. Another trick which digital marketing professionals employ is to release a “teaser” advertisement in the morning followed by a more in-depth discussion in the evening. Let us not forget that many users do not have the time to read through a lengthy post during the day.

Preliminary “Likes”

Companies can offer visitors information of value after they like a particular page. That is important for two reasons. First, a greater number of likes will help to generate further social media exposure. As the choice is entirely voluntary, only those who are interested will subscribe; another significant advantage when gauging the efficacy of a marketing campaign. Some offers that a business could provide:

  • Discounts or Coupon Codes
  • Email subscriptions
  • Free white papers
  • Event invitations

Cross-Linking Platforms

A final point to make is that you should always link across to different platforms. Pro-active linking will add digital impact to your reputation, and of course, your SERP rankings will inevitably improve. Outbound links should be included on your homepage, within email campaigns and even within other social media circles such as Twitter and LinkedIn. It is critical that visitors can find your Facebook page from any one of these sources.

Leveraging the power of Facebook for the business purpose should become a permanent portion of your overall social media marketing, and thus digital marketing strategy. Let us also remember that all of these suggestions will cost nothing to implement, so there are no financial drawbacks. With time and focused effort, this robust social media platform can become another spoke on the wheel of online success.

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