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Health awareness days are global events created to recognise the impact of these conditions and to raise greater public understanding. There is no doubt that the medical community has made some truly stunning breakthroughs during the past few decades.  Still, there are other illnesses which millions of individuals from all walks of life may eventually have to face. Awareness campaigns can help to generate additional support. Additionally, many of these days will create capital to use towards innovative research and treatment options. A Digital Marketing strategy and hashtag campaigns on Social Media are an active part of today’s campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look.

World Cancer Day: Involve the World #WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan

There are many health days hosted by individual countries. While these are indeed important regarding national awareness, some other events have taken on a truly global nature. One example here can is the World Cancer Day (4 February).

As cancer recognises no borders, races or religions. It only makes sense that this day will help to generate a massive amount of support. This event increases recognition, reduces certain stigma. It also attempts to dispel many of the myths associated with such a potentially life-changing disease. Thanks to the digital community and the rise of social media circles, World Cancer Day has indeed taken on global proportions. Look at the informative website created for World Cancer Day.

Health Awareness Days and Their Impact Upon Declining Diseases

In the past, being diagnosed with certain illnesses would often equate to a real death sentence. Advancements in medical technology have nonetheless eradicated many of these diseases. Still, conditions such as tuberculosis exist in portions of the world that are less developed. For example, the world health organisation estimates that no less than 1.3 million individuals died from this disease in 2012 alone. Many of these deaths occurred in the Third World (WHO). World Tuberculosis Day (24 March) is intended to highlight the presence of this condition. It is also intended to raise public awareness in regards to the ways of prevention. Generating public interest (particularly in third-world nations) is the first step towards elimination this condition entirely.

Striving to Find Cures

World AIDS Vaccine Day occurs on 18 May every year. This concept goes back to as far as 1997. Since this time, the event has raised funds to use towards researching and developing a cure for this crippling condition. While fundraising is indeed critical, this health awareness day also seeks to emphasise the importance of developing new technologies to better respond to a truly global epidemic.

Tackling Mental Health Challenges

Not all health awareness days are rooted in physical diseases alone. We need to recognise that millions of individuals from all walks of life suffer from illnesses such as anxiety, depression and general feelings of isolation. For that reason why World Suicide Prevention Day is so critical. Held on 10 September every year, this event helps to increase public awareness in regards to this fatal condition in hopes to decrease suicide rates over time. Once again, public awareness and doing away with common misconceptions are both core concepts within this campaign.

These are only three examples of the numerous global health awareness days which taking place each and every year. Whether referring to World Osteoporosis Day, World Food Day or even Virus Appreciation Day, the fact of the matter is that public involvement is critical to combating many debilitating conditions. Such increased awareness will help the medical community make great leaps forward in the years to come.

For more information please check the websites of World Health Organisation, United Nations and other health organisations.

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