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Lights, Camera, Action! The Why and How of Video Marketing

Tips for Video Marketing and effectiveness of Video Marketing

From the first moving pictures through to MTV and the YouTube generation, video has become the most powerful way to attract other people’s attention. Why? Because it captures the world as we both experience it and share it with others.
The past five years has seen an explosion in social video. 121,112 videos on YouTube alone are viewed every second, not to mention the traffic passing through Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Online video is quite simply where your customers are. And it’s getting bigger all the time.
Here are our top five Whys and Hows of effective video marketing:

Be seen! Be found!

In our search-optimised world, having the best product is worthless if it isn’t getting seen. When people are looking for you on the net, video marketing will bump you much higher up on their list of results than a website using text and pictures alone.

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People like putting a face to a name.

Some say that a good product sells itself. But ultimately people buy from other people. However niche or technical what you do is, video marketing can bring the people who have created it for you to the fore and strengthen the bond between you and your customers.

Don’t just sell the sizzle. Show them how you made it happen with video.

Without giving away your secret recipe, video can bring your audience closer to you than any number of words can achieve. Taking your customers behind the scenes will involve them in what you do more. And some will become as passionate as you are about your business.

Make word of mouth work for you.

All businesses know that word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. So get people talking about you. Videos, if they are interesting, will be shared by those who see them with their friends and colleagues, increasing your reach and the good things that others say about you.

When you’re being entertained, you don’t feel as if you’re being sold to.

With radio and television in relative decline, social video marketing has become the new space for leisure and entertainment. Video can help you to focus on the fun in your product rather than just the facts and information.

Video Marketing: Your production studio is in the palm of your hand.

With the technology available in most people’s smartphones, you have, almost, all you need to make a good video. High quality sound, nonetheless, is essential so investing in a top of the range microphone should be at the top of your own wishlist. The software you will need is probably already on your computer.

Engage your audience with a good story.

There is nothing quite like creating a little bit of drama. Video storytelling doesn’t require big sets or costumes. It just needs a good idea. A fly on the wall mini-documentary, interviews with staff or customers – anything that adds value to what you offer – will make your customers stand up and take notice.

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Provoke a reaction.

You can make your audience laugh or cry. The important thing is that you engage them on an emotional level. Video storytelling, more than any other kind of social media, will connect you with your customers. And if you bring a smile to their face, or a tear to their eyes, they are more likely to want to share that feeling with others.

Spread your message far and wide.

When it comes to using social video, don’t be a specialist. Create content that is appropriate for every platform and adapt it to the formats they use.

Stay ahead of the curve by being on top of the trend.

If you can attach your story to what everyone else is talking about at the moment, then it will be what you have to say that will make the headlines.In the time it has taken to write this blog, YouTube views have grown by another six hits per second. Can anyone afford not to be part of the video marketing revolution?

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