Digital Marketing Services

Whether you’re from an association, MICE agency, PCO, Event Organiser Agency, corporate company or public authority, digital marketing and effective online communication are key for your success in the digital age.

Digital Engagement Strategies

Your organisation, event or brand needs a solid digital marketing strategy in order to grow and engage your stakeholders. The focus of the Digital Marketing Strategy Service is on inbound marketing strategies. This service uses content marketing and storytelling, making your blog or website a marketing hub, supported by social media to share content, create communities, engagement and achieve ROI.

  • Formulating an effective digital marketing strategy and editorial plans based on research, insight and data
  • Content development (blogs, videos, graphics, social media content)
  • Digital marketing channel management
  • Data analytics, reporting and insights on results

Conference  Event Social Media Marketing

If you’re hosting a conference or event, social media is an essential tool for finding new participants, increasing the reach of your event and attracting new attendees. This service can help with creating a buzz online ahead of your event as well as after your event, keeping audiences engaged.

  • Event marketing plan
  • Social media account setup and management
  • Editorial calendar and content creation
  • Community management

Live Events & Onsite Digital Engagement

Make the most of your conference or event by capturing it live and sharing it on social media. This service will ensure that your event is showcased online in real time, reaching more of your target audience, attracting non-attendees and creating awareness for your brand.

  • Live content creation on site of your event (videos, image and social media posts)
  • Engagement with attendees, influencers and other stakeholders on social media using
  • Owning the conversation and managing the community during the event

Training&  Speaking

In today’s highly connected and largely online world, understanding and having digital skills is very important. Digital Transformation needs processes, tools and the processes implanted.

  • I can help your team learn more about social media and online marketing by creating custom training solutions that will teach them best practices, techniques for online engagement with customers as well as show them the best tools and resources available.
  • I can also help your organisation with digital transformation, assisting with processes, tools and the admin associated.
  • Lastly, as a highly experience member of the MICE industry and passionate digital marketer, I am available as a speaker for events or meetings and can add great value to your speaker line up.